August 15, 2011
appreciation for the response on Iranian Glass Painting

I received the following mail from Quartz Lime, and being not very competent at using the tumblr, can’t find a way of directly responding to his/her extremely kind message. Whoever s/he is, I hope s/he will see this (I added some comments in bold):

Iranian Painting

Regarding the Islamic painting you posted (the one with the human-faced horse… thing… flying over the lion), all I could find was this:

(this is an extremely useful site and not only for the info on glass painting but all kinds of cultural stuff Iranian)

and this:

(this link is broken, trying to reach it dayartgallery through google doesn’t help either).

That first article has some detail on a book about Iranian glass paintings, including how to order it, although it doesn’t mention whether an english version is available or not.

There’s also this:

(contains some lovely persian paintings though infuriatingly with no info on them)

Which has a tiny bit of detail on Persian glass painting.

Apologies for not being able to be of more help. (Also, I apologise if I submitted this wrong or somehow destroyed the formatting, I am bad at tumblr.) 

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